Printland - Printing of packaging Printland - Printing of packaging
We create a brand view of your packaging

According to the trends in the design industry, we will adapt the packaging to the style of your brand.

We create a brand view of your packaging

According to the trends in the design industry, we will adapt the packaging to the style of your brand.

We create a brand view of your packaging

According to the trends in the design industry, we will adapt the packaging to the style of your brand.

We create a brand view of your packaging

According to the trends in the design industry, we will adapt the packaging to the style of your brand.


Our designers will re-create your ideas. We will help to create a brand view of your packaging, taking into account trends in the design industry, we adapt the packaging to the style of your trademark

Ketchup and sauces

Our experts know that packaging can be easily damaged by filling with hot oily sauces or by sealing spout caps...


The highest rate of packaging damage belongs to groceries. This can be due to both dust residue on the seams of the packaging material while packing, as well as directly due to filling substance of the packaging itself...


It’s hard to imagine cooking without spices and herbs. Our experts will select for you such a combination of packaging materials that will preserve...

Tea and coffee

Do you want to have a perfect packaging for tea or coffee? We have got it! Our tea and coffee packaging features...

Chips and snacks

Few people know that seeds need special packaging, which will not only preserve their taste, but also increase seeds shelf life...


Do you want your confectionery packaging to be elegant, easy to open, but at the same time maintain integrity of the product and keep it fresh? Our experts...

About us

PRINTLAND is a rapidly developing company that produces exceptionally high-quality products. Based on this statement, we created our official slogan “Building company’s future with high quality products”.

Why are you choose us?

Quality and service – our main advantages

Our main goal is to produce high quality packaging that will allow our clients to maintain integrity of their products and to stay competitive in their industry.



PRINTLAND LLC. adheres to international standards, such as ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2005.



We create custom packaging that meets individual requirements of each customer. We stay close to our customers and guarantee quick and convenient service.

Design services Design services

A unique packaging is the best way to make your product stand out. Creative package design catches your clients’ eyes and motivates them to buy your product. That is why the first stage of packaging production – creating a design – is very important.

Design combines two aspects – technological process and creativity. When developing packaging appearance, you need to take into account material characteristics, paint application technology and conditions of use of the final product. Our designers have profound knowledge of printing technologies. They are continuously learning by communicating with printing workers and technologists, attending related professional training and seminars.

You can rest assured that the results will meet your expectations: image colors and quality will always be the same as agreed at the designing stage.

Prepress services Prepress services

Prepress – is the most important and time-consuming stage of the packaging production. At this stage you can still avoid big losses. It includes:

  • confirmation of the final design and layout;
  • rotogravure cylinders preparation;
  • selection of the most preferable packaging material;
  • technical specification for production department.
Lamination Lamination

We offer different types of lamination, including solvent and solventless lamination. We use modern, foreign (made in Japan and Italy) laminating machines with maximum laminating width 1,2 m. Our equipment is suitable for triplex and duplex lamination.

Lamination performs a function of protective barrier, preventing packaging from moisture, odor or dust penetration. This increases the shelf life of product inside. Lamination is often used instead of aluminum foil, lamination films can be recycled.

Slitting Slitting

For cutting process we use modern, high-precision slitting machines with roll sizes of 76 mm and 152 mm.

Production of ready-made packages Production of ready-made packages

The company owns plastic bags making machine to produce 3 side sealed bags of any sizes. Plastic bags can be made of different materials, with or without printing.
The cost of such bags is lower compared to other types of plastic bags that require more complex production technologies. Plastic bags are suitable for food and nonfood products, and can be used for vacuum packaging.

Logistics Logistics

Our delivery department will take care of delivering the finished packaging to our customers. Our logistics experts will choose the best delivery options, control delivery performance and prepare transport documentation.

In case with foreign customers, our experts will also take care of customs clearance procedure.

Our clients

Malbi Foods LLC, Private Enterprise SPS, Grona Ltd, PJSC DKPK, Akama Ltd, Yarych Ltd, Nestle Ukraine LLC, Mareven Food Ukraine Ltd, Strauss Ukraine LLC, PJSC Obolon, PJSC Kyiv Margarine Factory, Kuhovar Ltd.

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